The families spoke to the men, and reminded them how close they had been, and asked why they had come to fight this way. They said there must be an underlying cause, and so the tow friends consulted Ifa again. They learned how Es had set them against each other, and so this time they made the prescribed sacrifice to Es and appraised him.
They remained friends after that.

One day, he came walking down the road between their fields. His hat was red on one side, white on the other. After he had gone, one friend spoke to the other and mentioned the withe hat. The other corrected him: the hat had been red. The first was sure the hat was white. The second knew it was red. They argued about it and finally began to fight. When they stopped, they went back to work in the fields.
Es came walking back in the other direction. This time, the man who had seen the white side saw the red and the man who had seen the red saw the white. Each went to apologize to the other. But when the first said the hat had been red, the second thought he was mocking him. Again, the discussion led to blows, and their families had to come and help them back to their compounds.

Two men were very close and had sworn that nothing would part them.
Their Compounds were next to each other, their fields lay on the opposite sides of the road out of the village; they were always together. At one time, they consulted the oracle, and were told to make a sacrifice to Es, but they did not.

And Es punished them.